Aontú To Stand In South Down Westminster Election


Aontú, a new all-Ireland party, will be standing in South Down in the Thursday 12th December election.

And they are running another candidate, Martin Kelly, in the Newry and Armagh area. (See below). In the Westminster election Aintú is running six candidates across the North and there may be more registering before the Thursday deadline.

Aontú candidate for South Down Paul Brady said: “Aontú was founded less than a year ago. We are an all-Ireland party committed to Irish self-determination, the protection of universal human rights and economic justice.

“We have elected representatives in Wexford, Meath, Tyrone and Dr. Anne McCloskey, our deputy leader, was elected recently to Derry and Strabane District Council. Aontú leader Peadar Tóibín TD represents the constituency of Meath West.

Paul Brady is to stand for Aontú in the South Down election.

“Aontú believes that the ongoing political dysfunction in the North is harmful to citizens, community cohesion and is having a detrimental impact on the quality of people’s lives. The cartel politics here has allowed the political establishment to neglect its responsibilities to all the people.

“Stormont has been shut for more than 1,000 days and MLA’s are still receiving salaries and expenses. MLA’s have received more than £15 million in salaries alone throughout the time of Stormont’s closure.

“It is clear that citizens and the community-at-large is being failed while the cartel of establishment political parties neglect their duty to protect and improve people’s living standards. Since the onset of this election campaign, they have carved-up constituencies between themselves and think they can fool the public by telling us all that their electoral pacts are not pacts at all.”

Paul brady added: “Aontú is determined to provide an alternative to the cartel establishment parties. Too many people are in a state of homelessness and people are dependent on food banks. The austerity-driven system of Universal Credit is worsening living conditions and hospital patients are suffering on waiting lists. Aontú is committed to moving beyond the stalemate that has gripped politics here.

“Tragically in September, the Westminster parliament, as requested by Sinn Féin and facilitated by the SDLP, imposed an extreme abortion regime on the North of Ireland. This move rode roughshod over democracy and has left pre-born human beings without any protections and stripped of the human right to life.

“Additionally, Westminster is intent on implementing a decision taken in Britain to leave the EU. A majority of people here voted against such a measure. Aontú is opposed to any move that would harden the partition of Ireland. We are committed, in the spirit of the United Irishmen, to working constructively with all people North and South to forge an all-Ireland future based on pluralism and co-operation.

“Aontú is committed to the policy that all our candidates, if elected, will seek to represent citizens in Dáil Éireann. We are determined to build an all-Ireland Dáil, rather than putting our trust in the chaotic Westminster system which has no regard for people in the north of Ireland.

“We are intent on obliging the Irish government to take seriously the right of people here to representation in an all-Ireland Dáil.”

Aontú believes in a democratic Europe and opposes European federalism and militarism. It is a pluralist party welcoming Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter equally.

Martin Kelly, the Newry and Armagh South Down candidate.

Aontú Standing In Newry & Armagh.

Aontú Newry & Armagh Candidate Martin Kelly said: “A Stormont department has said exploration for oil and gas by the controversial practice of fracking will be for a future Executive minister to decide on after the UK government halted the practice in England.”

The Department for Economy launched a consultation in May on Tamboran Resources’ application for a licence to test a large area in south-west Fermanagh for natural gas.  The Australian firm was originally awarded a licence by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) in 2011. But its efforts to drill a borehole at a quarry in Belcoo triggered protests and was rightly blocked.”

Martin Kelly added: “The company had speculated that the natural gas resources in County Fermanagh could be worth up to 20 billion pounds and went to great lengths to assure the local community of the financial benefits that would be shared by all.

“These companies are here to look after their own self-interest. I am especially opposed to fracking which is an extremely hazardous form of subterranean exploration. This company does not care for the environment or the people who live in the area, they will take what they want and leave pollution and destruction in their wake.”