Alliance Says Dundrum Needs More Wastewater Investment

Alliance MLA calls for more investment in Dundrum Water Infrastructure

Alliance South Down MLA Patrick Brown met with NI Water Officials last week following a meeting organised Alliance and Sinn Fein representatives on behalf of the Dundrum Development Association.

The meeting was held to discuss wastewater capacity issues in the village. There were concerns that the lack of investment in wastewater infrastructure is halting growth in the area and preventing the development of housing and tourism.

Patrick Brown MLA says that Dundrum needs more investment for waste water infrastructure.

Patrick Brown said: “The lack of investment in Dundrum is having a huge impact on the village’s potential growth.

“I am pleased to say that the meeting last week did however secure agreement on how existing plans for the redevelopment of the Castle Vaults site can proceed through the planning system, in parallel with the planned upgrades to local pumping stations.

“I will be lobbying NI Water and the Department for Infrastructure to ensure this project is allocated sufficient funding to reach completion.”

The South Down MLA also highlighted the urgent need for investment in water infrastructure across Northern Ireland, responding to a newly published report from the NI Audit Office.

He added that the current projected shortfall of £1bn will mean NI Water can no longer deliver essential works to increase the capacity of their network.

And this will also not meet the current demand for water infrastructure he said.

This report comes ahead of Executive Ministers agreeing a budget for the forthcoming financial year, and identified the stark risks associated with continued underfunding of this vital service.

He added: “NI Water needs adequate funding to address water capacity issues across Northern Ireland.

“The report from the NI Audit office underscores the issues within NI’s water infrastructur namely that it is underfunded, has been chronically neglected as economic infrastructure, and requires prioritisation within the forthcoming budget.

“On the 9th April the Assembly will debate a motion on the challenges facing NI Water.

“During this debate, I will highlight the need to prioritise investment in our water infrastructure, and that the current status quo of expecting first-class services on an underfunded budget simply can’t continue.

“This will require leadership and innovative thinking around how we meet investment requirements for the water network now and in the future.”