Alliance Says Brown Can Win Seat In South Down

"A handful of extra first preference votes would deliver an Alliance MLA for South Down", Assembly candidate Councillor Patrick Brown has said.

Cllr Patrick Brown is hopeful a further ‘handful of votes’ will get him over the line to become an MLA in South Down

Cllr Patrick Brown, hopeful for an Alliance Party seat in Stormont.

“A handful of extra first preference votes would deliver an Alliance MLA for South Down”, Assembly candidate Councillor Patrick Brown has said.

Ahead of the poll on 5th May, Councillor Brown pointed to the previous Assembly race in South Down in 2017, where he finished just over 500 votes off winning a seat. He said the chance to have South Down’s first Alliance MLA was “in the hands of local people going into the election.”

He added: “In this election, we are facing an unprecedented number of crises – the cost of living, the environment, our healthcare system, to name a few – and yet we face the real chance of having no government to provide the legislation we need to tackle these.

“There’s no doubt people are disillusioned with the system, but even more so they are sick of the chaos and gridlock they have seen from the largest parties.

“Throughout this campaign, our Alliance team has been engaging with people right across South Down, and the response has been clear. People want to see actual solutions, and that’s what we want to deliver.” said Councillor Brown.

“If enough people vote Alliance in any constituency, they will get an Alliance representative after this election. That is no different in South Down. In 2017, Alliance was just over 500 votes from achieving its first MLA for South Down. A handful of people in each polling station giving Alliance their first preference vote on May 5 would result in that happening this time.

 “If people want to send a message – about their desire for a politics which delivers for people, about backing a party which wants the institutions to work and about a progressive South Down where everyone is treated equally – then Alliance is the vehicle to back.

“People in South Down have the power and their first preference votes will make the difference.”