Alliance Delighted After NMD Deputy Chair Elected

Alliance Party Breaks New Ground and Elects A Deputy Chair of NMD Council for First Time

The Alliance Party has elected Cllr David Lee-Surginor as Deputy Chair of Newry Mourne and Down District Council at Monday night’s Council AGM, marking the first time the party has held this position in its history.

Cllr Lee-Surginor is also the first Deputy Chair from an ethnic background.

This milestone reflects the party’s successful council election last year, in which they elected their largest team to the Newry Mourne, and Down District Council, securing five councillors.

The party also welcomed Cllr Helena Young to their council team this year, following her co-option into the Slieve Croob seat after her predecessor, Andrew McMurray, was appointed as South Down MLA.

Additionally, Cllr Tierna Howie will serve as Chair of the Strategy, Policy, and Resource Committee, while Cllr Cadogan Enright will take on the role of Deputy Chair of the Sustainability and Environment Committee.

The Alliance team on Newry Mourne and Down District Council: (l-r) Jill Truesdale, Mournes DEA, Group Leader; Helena Young, Slieve Croob DEA; David Lee-Surginor, Rowallane DEA Council Vice Chair; Cadogan Enright, Downpatrick DEA deputy chair of the Sustainability and Environment Committee; and Tierna Howie, Chair of the Strategy Policy and Resources Committee.

Cllr Jill Truesdale will also lead the Alliance Council grouping.

Cllr Truesdale said: “This is a very exciting year for the Alliance Party as we hold the Deputy Chair position of the council for the first time, alongside several other key roles on council committees.

“We have a strong track record of scrutinising council management and will continue to ensure ratepayers receive value for their money in council services.

“This includes our opposition to the expensive Mourne Gateway Project and Newry Civic Centre and advocating for environmental proposals that can generate income for the council.”

Her colleague and new Deputy Chair, Cllr Lee-Surginor, added: “I am delighted to represent the Alliance Party and the Council as Deputy Chair this year.

“It is important that our council supports and reflects a commitment to the diversity of our area.

“I hope to embody this commitment during my tenure, alongside promoting Alliance values to create a shared and united community.”