Alliance Councillor Clarke Welcomes Ballylough Rd Flood Measures

ALLIANCE Party Councillor Patrick Clarke has welcomed the Roads Service completion of flood prevention works and increased drainage and water gullies to remove excess rain water away from a private residential property along the main Ballylough Road near the junction of the Ballywillwill Road outside Castlewellan.

Councillor Clarke said: “I had been contacted by the constituent who was very concerned about an ongoing issue of excess rain water which was entering and damaging a private residential driveway and laneway along the Ballylough Road close to the Ballywillwill road junction outside Castlewellan.”dn_screen

“The issue seemed to be that the present drainage and water gullies were not diverting all the excess rain water away from the Ballylough Road into a nearby river.  Instead during heavy rain the excess rain water is entering both a driveway and adjoining laneway and is damaging the existing surface.

“This had been causing some concern to the constituent as he felt Roads Service had previously not addressed this issue which had been affecting their driveway and laneway for a number of years which is very close to the main Ballylough Road.

“Following my written representations to Roads Service, a full inspection of the area was carried out and increased drainage and water gullies  have now been fully  completed prior to winter which I warmly welcome.”