Alliance Councillor Clarke Calls For Better Bus Route In Clanvaraghan

ALLIANCE Councillor Patrick Clarke has called on the South Eastern Education and Library Board (SEELB) to extend the yellow school bus route in Clanvaraghan village to the Slieveinsky Road junction to collect children travelling to St. Malachy’s High School in Castlewellan from the start of school term on 2nd September. dn_screen

Councillor Clarke is concerned that there may be road safety issues which would make it unsafe for children to walk on this section of road to board the SEELB bus.  Currently children living along the Slieveinsky Road do not get collected and have to travel along the Clanvaraghan Road which has no footpaths to board the bus in Clanvraghan village.

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “I am concerned for the safety of any school children who are walking along the Clanvaraghan Road which has no footpaths and it should be noted that this is also a narrow road.

“A number of concerned parents have contacted me requesting that the SEELB yellow school bus collect the children at the Slieveinsky Road junction.

“I have therefore contacted the SEELB and spoken to their Transport section and asked them to consider this matter.”