Alliance Condemns Dundrum Fly Tipping

Alliance Newcastle Councillor Patrick Clarke has condemned recent dumping and fly tipping of household furniture along Quarry Lane which is a public walkway between Dromara Road and Castlehill in Dundrum.

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “I wish to condemn the recent dumping and fly tipping of bed mattresses along Quarry Lane in Dundrum.dn_screen “This is another incident of dumping that has been reported to me in recent months by constituents. There are some irresponsible people who think it is totally acceptable to dump household furniture along public walkways in the village instead of contacting Down District Council to arrange a bulky refuse collection. “There is already no dumping signage erected along the entrance at Quarry Lane along the Dromara Road in Dundrum, yet this has been totally ignored. “I would appeal to anyone who witnesses or is aware of any persons illegally dumping and fly tipping along public walkways in Dundrum to report to Down District Council to investigate and take the appropriate action. “I have reported the recent incident  to Environmental Services who will remove the  items which ultimately will  be at a cost to the ratepayer,”  added Councillor Patrick Clarke.