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Alliance Asks DRD Roads Service to Review Marguerite Park
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Newcastle Alliance Party Councillor Patrick Clarke has asked DRD Roads Service to carry out an assessment for traffic calming measures at Marguerite Park and Eliza Close in Newcastle following concerns raised by some residents and parents about speeding traffic.

Councillor Patrick Clarke has voiced his concern due to part of the main road layout being a long straight which allows traffic to increase speed.

He said: “When in the Marguerite Park area recently a number of households in both Marguerite Park and Eliza Close raised their concerns with me about parts of the roadway in both developments being used by drivers who are driving at speed.”

“This is causing concern to some households who feel something needs to be done to reduce driver speed and to make drivers aware they are in a built up residential area.

“In Eliza Close at the bottom of Marguerite Park, a number of parents also raised their worries about some drivers not being mindful of children playing in the area when driving in and out of Eliza Close.

“I have written to DRD Roads Service about carrying out an assessment for possible traffic calming measures and have asked DRD Roads Service to look into possible signage also making drivers aware of their speed.

“I have also now spoken to Newcastle Neighbourhood Community Policing Team to also monitor the area and keep an eye on both developments for possible speeding traffic.”