Account Managers Vacancies With Cardell Media Ltd

Cardell Media is looking to add to its team of Account Managers, providing outstanding support to our clients. If you know anyone who might be interested in these positions, please could you forward this email to them.

dn_screenAt the beginning of this year, my world class team began building new websites and looking after the online marketing for our best customers. As more and more business owners have come on board and had their website and online profits transformed, often in a matter of weeks, word has spread and we are growing at breathtaking speed.

Our Account Managers play a key role, working with business owners who finally have access to the best in the world, after years of frustration with their websites.

We are looking to recruit more Account Managers. This is a perfect role for people with Account Manager and/or Internet Marketing experience.

If you know anyone interested in these roles, they can apply here:

Cardell Media – Internet Marketing Account Manager

Chris Cardell

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