A Tidying Time For Crossgar Mum

Crossgar mum Catherine Hamilton starts a tidying up business

Crossgar mum Catherine Hamilton-Cooper starts a tidying up business

Down News chatted with Crossgar mother Catherine Hamilton-Cooper who recently set up a new business, Tidying Time.

It is a professional decluttering and organising business aiming to help people struggling with clutter in their homes, and help them bring calm to chaos.

Many homes have a junk room (or two) or a corner where things are well out of order.

Catherine said: “I’m married with a family and I have two cats. I know what clutter is first hand.

“Last year I decided to start up the Tidying Time business, and I have not looked back since. I’m now well certified in ‘decluttering’.

Catherine Hamilton-Cooper in her dream job… decluttering with Tidying Time.

“How I came to the point in creating Tidying Time is something I am happy to share. I was working in a former full-time role and was, quite honestly, utterly miserable.

“I was incredibly overworked with a completely unmanageable workload and was under- supported, which ultimately led to me being on over 5 months work-related, stress sick leave.

“During that time I got myself better, and knew in my heart I couldn’t go back to that job. Through counselling, meditation and journalling I was able to really focus on what my strengths were.

“I found out what i would jump out of bed in the morning to do, and how I could use my best skills to help other people.

“My biggest strengths undoubtedly have always been planning, organising, putting in place workable logical systems and helping others.

“I also love clearing up mess! And my vision was emerging… I was going to help people turn their homes from chaos to calm. This really was the perfect job for me!”

Catherine explained that professional decluttering and organising is a very new concept particularly in Northern Ireland, but added: “I knew this was exactly what I was meant to do!

Catherine creates order from chaos in your home providing the support you may need to get those jobs done you never get round to doing.

“It took me 43 years to discover that … but it is never to late to make a big change no matter how hard or scary it is!

“And decluttering is not just sorting out physical items… I was definitely going to declutter my toxic job!

“So my plan was to get a new full-time job in the interim.

“I needed to still bring income into the family household, and build Tidying Time in my spare time.

“Business is about taking calculated risks, not putting your house or family at risk through bad choices.

“So I was prepared to balance things for a period of time. And I have done just that!

“So I started to put in place exactly what I needed to do to create and build Tidying Time. I undertook many training courses, all of which you can see listed below.

“This was the most important thing to me, in an industry with no mandatory training requirements, it was of the utmost importance to me to complete as much training as possible, and to this day this is something I will always continue, to ensure I provide the best service I can to my clients. 

“I created my website, service offerings, social media pages, and started getting my name out there.

“With a following of over 16,000 on Facebook now, I have created a free Facebook support group ‘Tidying Time Community – Decluttering & Organising Support’ for anyone to join who is struggling with clutter.

“It is a most supportive, non-judgemental and really positive group.”

Since Tidying Time was set up, Catherine said that she has had the most amazing clients and feels so privileged to have been part of their journey.

And she added that she feels honoured to have been invited into their homes to help them. “As Tidying Time is flourishing, I have now reduced my days in my full time job, and working towards operating Tidying Time on a full-time basis. 

Catherine Hamilton -Cooperfrom Crossgar who set up a decluttering company called Tidying Time.

“I have seen the life-changing difference my service can make to my clients life’s, from not being ashamed to invite visitors into their home anymore, opening their curtains again, feeling like they can breathe again and no longer feeling smothered in clutter.

“From being able to find items easily, reducing stress and anxiety, and living more easily in their home, the benefits of decluttering and organising really are endless.

“It really can be life changing. It’s the best job in the world! 

“I am a verified member of APDO, the UK’s membership association for decluttering and organising professionals. APDO sets standards, provides professional development and supports the growth of the industry.

“I adhere to and comply with their code of ethics. I have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance. I have had an Access NI check completed. 

“I am also a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganisation.

“Specialised Training that I have completed includes:

  • Level 1 Certificate of Study in ADHD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization)
  • Professional Decluttering and Organising Business Diploma, Grade: Distinction (Centre of Excellence)
  • Level 2 ICD® Hoarding Specialist (Institute for Challenging Disorganization)
  • Level 2 ICD Chronic Disorganization Specialist® (Institute for Challenging Disorganization)
  • Certified Organisational Specialist™    (Clutterbug)
  • Neurodiversity, Executive Functions & Clutter   (Fibble & Hoarding Disorders UK)
  • Advanced Hoarding Awareness Training   (Hoarding Disorders UK)

I can be contacted at:

  • Mobile 07889 472730 
  • Facebook page direct message: @TidyingTime
  • Instagram page direct message: @TidyingTime 

Catherine added: “Also anyone can join my free Facebook group it has over 1600 members getting free help and support from me and other members.”

The group link on Facebook is: Tidying Time Community – Decluttering & Organising Support | Facebook