A Poem by James Keenan: The Untold Heroes


By James Keenan.

The National Health Service, our country’s greatest treasure,
Health care at it’s best, a service that comes together.
The most wonderful thing about the NHS, is it’s people,
Those over worked during times that’s most vital.

A service so magnificent and it’s people so devoted,
Staff performing to their best with health checks always promoted.
Bands of all grades and the loyal volunteers,
Giving their all, tackling heartache and fighting back the tears.

A great proudness with sincere gratitude,
During their busiest they continue to deliver a caring attitude.
In Nursing there is no such thing as just a band  three, four or five,
It’s not just a job, but an honour to strive.

Long waits and delays are known to happen,
raised voices and patients snapping.
It’s not because staff want you to wait,
It’s their emergencies that are prioritised at a very high rate.

Nurses and support workers on their feet all day,
Working thirteen hours with little breaks and that’s on a good day.
There’s so much more in all professions within the NHS,
It’s not just needles and medication, it’s not even an act to impress.

The efforts to deliver great care clearly shows just how passionate,
Through dedication and beyond, shows just how one can be so compassionate.
They have abilities to listen and comfort at your worst,
They ensure the best of their ability to ensure your properly nursed.

Skills beautifully demonstrated that are truly inspirational,
Welcome and equally treated, a service undoubtedly sensational.
All grades of profession, the untold heroes of our National Health Service,
A service that offers the very best, a tribute of gratitude with a purpose.

Seventy years of devoted care to those patients old and new,
As a nation we come together to say a massive thank-you!

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