A New Way – by Keith Gerner.

Keith Gerner, international Christian teacher, will be running a series of talks in the Newcastle Centre on Tuesday evenings.[/caption] Keith said: “I am a graduate of Oxford in History, and from the early age of ten could understand Latin and Greek, the languages the early scriptures were written in. I taught Scripture and Latin for many years. I have since studied these in detail and through the work of the Audio Visual Ministries I help promote free packages of religious teachings through modern methods using CD, DVD’s, software and other means to reach out to people. “Across Ireland I head up the teaching ministry, Audio Visual Ministries. The AVM is internationally recognised and has many followers in the UK, US, Australia and Singapore. I am a regular teacher on UCB Europe and on the core group of the prophetic school online. You can download and listen to various courses taught by me for free at audiochristian.com. ” As a result of hearing perfect Latin spoken miraculously in tongues by somebody without classical education in 1955, Keith became one of the dozen involved in the Charismatic movement, which has a growing influence in Ireland. Keith is married to Elsie, who worked with the Scripture Gift Mission, and has three children, all following in the parents’ footsteps. Roger Forster of the Ichthus Fellowship in London and March for Jesus, said: “I have known Keith Gerner for over thirty years, and would commend him as a man who walks consistently in his Christian calling and his family likewise. He has ministered extensively in Ireland and in our own Ichthus structures has been well received for his Spirit-filled ministry.” “I recommend Keith to you as a man who will, sincerely and clearly, bring God’s word and heart through his ministry to your people.” The AVM website has 31 sets of audio lesson covering a wide range of topics such as spiritual welfare, faith, prayer, scriptures, prophesies, spiritual gifts, and many more. You can download his book called “A New Day” from the AVM website . Keith said: “I have seen people come back from the dead on two occasions at Dundonald hospitals. Over the years I have witnessed many miracles.” Starting this Tuesday evening (8 January) in the Newcastle Centre, Keith Gerner will be running a series of sessions rolling put his Christian ministry for people in South Down. The Tuesday sessions are FREE and everyone is welcome.  Later in the summer of 2013, Keith said that the Boyne Valley Conference will replace the previous one held in Castlewellan Forest Park in 2005 in a big tent. He said: “Drogheda is central and can be accessed by people from Dublin and Belfast and  from the West. I expect this larger capacity venue will reflect the growing interest in getting back to basics in understanding the real in the Scriptures.


TUESDAYS at 7.30 pm

The Gallery Room

Newcastle Centre, on




No admission charge