A Cross Border Gin Business Collaboration

Killowen and Blackwater Distilleries produce All-Island Poitin edition

Killowen and Blackwater Distilleries produce All-Island Poitin edition

Killowen Distillery in County Down and Blackwater Distillery in County Waterford have come together in a cross-border collaboration to create a very limited edition Irish Poitín.

The edition is entitled ‘a Dó’, meaning ‘two’, as a nod to the initiative of these two renowned distillers coming together to create a very unique spirit!

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a Dó Irish Poitín is the spirit of an all-island collaboration

The project began with an exchange of poitín’s most essential elements, with Killowen sending local Knockshee oats south, and Blackwater sending their heritage barley north.

Having mixed the grains to the agreed proportions, each distillery began the process of creating their version of Ireland’s oldest spirit.

Once distilled, the two batches were blended to create a single profile poitín with an ABV of 48%, before being decanted into just 500 x 50cl bottles featuring contrasting but complementary label designs, split between the distilleries.

Brendan Carty of Killowen Distillery explained, “as excited as we are about our own whiskey, we also have a target to revolutionise the poitín category and people’s attitudes towards it.

“This collaboration is an exciting release that showcases this unique spirit, as well as celebrating a drink that crosses boundaries and borders.”

Peter Mulryan of Blackwater Distillery describes a Dó Poitín as having a curiously briny nose with woodsmoke and a hint of peat.

On the mouth it is soft and silky, due to the oats and copper contact. There’s tones of candied peel and pineapple drops, leading to honey on porridge, and a final tickle of turf. 

Peter said: “In these difficult times, it’s important to remember we all share a small island and that our heritage is precious.

“This project with Killowen brings together two of Ireland’s most innovative distilleries, one north, one south, but with a shared vision.”

A Dó Irish Poitín is available now from select retailers, north and south, and on-line direct from the distilleries:

The Killowen edition (https://www.killowendistillery.com/) £37.95

The Blackwater edition (https://blackwaterdistillery.ie/) €42.95.