O'Boyle Welcomes Roads Service Work in Newcastle


Following representations made to Roads Service into an ongoing problem with a drain at the corner of Railway Street and Downs Road, Councillor Carmel O’Boyle is happy to report a satisfactory outcome to the matter.

She said: “For years there has been a very bad smell coming from this drain that resembled the usual odour experienced by citizens of Rome at the height of summer.dn_screen

“However, following discussions with Roads Service, I am optimistic that this problem has now been resolved. The contractor has installed a ‘trap gully’ beneath the road to the drain that is directly connected into the sewer.

“A ‘trap gully’ will always have water in it, similar to a toilet, and this prevents odours coming back up from the sewer and into the atmosphere. From what I can see, this is working well, and I have thanked the Roads Service for responding so quickly to my concerns.

“Hopefully walking past this part of the street will be an altogether more pleasant experience in future for locals, visitors and tourists.”