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Sinn Féin Get Gates Installed on Busy Road In Ardglass
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Sinn Féin has successfully lobbied Fold Housing Association to have gates erected at the front entrance of homes on the busy Downpatrick Road in Ardglass.

Coun cillor Eamonn MAc Con Midhe with Ardglass residents

Councillor Eamonn Mac Con Midhe with Ardglass residents Michelle and Rachel Briggs who will soon have a gate installed onto the Downpatrick Road.

South Down MLA Chris Hazzard who pressed for the gates, said: ‘The three houses in question are situated along a main route into the village of Ardglass. The road has been the location of numerous road traffic accidents and recently a young girl from an adjoining estate was left seriously injured when hit by a vehicle on this stretch of road.

“Residents in the three homes have campaigned to have Fold Housing erect for some time now. Presently the properties run onto the road with no barriers separating them from the heavy flow of traffic. This was of major concern to me given that all properties have small children living in them.”

Cllr Éamonn Mac Con Midhe who delivered the good news to residents said: “Local police supported by the Road Policing Unit have carried out several speed detect operations in the area of Ardglass over the last year. During these operations police made numerous detections of speeding, the highest of which was 58mph on the Downpatrick Road.

“With this in mind and given the history of road traffic incidents on this stretch of road we endeavoured some time ago to assist the residents in their campaign. We felt very strongly that it was crucial that Fold Housing erect a set of gates on each of the three properties as a matter of urgency, before another child was injured.”

Mr Hazzard added that he was pleased with the common-sense approach taken by the Fold Housing Association and looked forward to residents having them in place over the coming months.