Electoral Office Says Almost Three Quarters Registered To Vote So Far


dn_screen The final date on which forms will be accepted for inclusion in the new electoral register, which will be published at the start of December, is Monday 18 November 2013. In County Down, the Strangford constituency has the highest return with 79.58%m followed by North Down at 77.73%, Newry and Armagh at 76.50% and South Down at 75.76%. Commenting on the figures the Chief Electoral Officer, Graham Shields, said: “It is encouraging to see that people are continuing to return their canvass forms, however, we are fast approaching the 18 November deadline which is the final date on which returned forms will be accepted for inclusion in the new electoral register. I would make a final appeal to everyone who has not yet returned their form to do so immediately.’ Anyone requiring further information about how to complete their canvass form, or wishing to obtain further copies of the form, can do so by contacting the Electoral Office Helpline number on 0800 4320 712 or by visiting the Electoral Office website at www.eoni.org.uk The final phase of the canvass will take place after the processing cut-off date of 18 November when details of all non-responding individuals will be matched against data from a number of public organisations to allow a controlled carry forward to the new register of non-respondents. The new electoral register will be published on 1 December. The canvass was last held in 2006. The European Parliamentary and Local Government elections will be held on 22 May 2014.

Constituency Added to Register Potential Eligible Electorate as per Census 2011* Proportion of Potential Eligible Electorate Registered
BELFAST EAST 55620 74042 75.12
BELFAST NORTH 56025 80191 69.86
BELFAST SOUTH 53934 92532 58.29
BELFAST WEST 46385 70755 65.56
EAST ANTRIM 54430 71113 76.54
EAST LONDONDERRY 58435 77787 75.12
FOYLE 54755 76740 71.35
LAGAN VALLEY 61854 79428 77.87
MID ULSTER 57892 74537 77.67
NORTH ANTRIM 66860 84628 79.00
NORTH DOWN 55927 71946 77.73
NEWRY AND ARMAGH 65101 85101 76.50
SOUTH ANTRIM 57933 75934 76.29
SOUTH DOWN 62327 82269 75.76
STRANGFORD 56029 70409 79.58
UPPER BANN 70479 90403 77.96
WEST TYRONE 54224 69247 78.31
TOTAL 1,050,479 1,405,808 74.72
*Census 2011 Figures by Ward and Constituency are available on the NINIS website and have been used in this analysis. (http://www.ninis2.nisra.gov.uk/Download/Census%202011/QS103NI%20(a).xlsx) Please note that there are methodology reports: (http://www.nisra.gov.uk/Census/2011Censusmethodology.html) and quality assurance reports: (http://www.nisra.gov.uk/Census/2011_results_population.html) for this data available on the website.]]>