Alliance Councillor Clarke Calls For Clanvaraghan To Be On Gritting Schedule


dn_screen Newcastle Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “Last year I wrote to DRD Roads Service requesting that the Clanvaraghan Road in Clanvaraghan be added to the winter gritting schedule of roads. Unfortunately DRD Roads Service declined my written request, citing that the Clanvaraghan Road did not meet the required criteria but was however eligible for salt piles. “I have again made written representations. The Clanvaraghan Road serves the local village of Clanvaraghan and also a number of rural roads in Clanvaraghan and Slieveniskey. “At present Clanvaraghan has seen a rise in vehicle traffic use due to development and increased housing. The Clanvaraghan Road also has a school bus route. “Currently there is inadequate provision of salt boxes in Clanvaraghan. I have therefore asked DRD Roads Service to reassess the Clanvaraghan Road in Clanvaraghan with a view to including on the winter gritting schedule with the inclusion of adequate salt boxes.”]]>