DUP Announces Candidates For Rowallane Council Election Area


THE Democratic Unionist Party has announced its candidates for the ‘shadow council’ election on Thursday 22 May 2014 for the Rowallene District Council Area (DEA).

[caption id="attachment_47716" align="alignleft" width="390"]DUP Rowallene DEA candidates: Councillor Billy Walker and Harry Harvey. DUP Rowallene DEA candidates: Councillor Billy Walker and Harry Harvey.[/caption]

Long-standing party stalwart Councillor William Dick has decided to step down and well-known party member Harry Harvey will run with colleague and present councillor  Billy Walker.

William Walker has been involved in politics for 25 years he was first elected to Down Council in 2005. He is the current vice chairman of the Corporate Services Committee and past chair of the Building & Estates & Corporate Services Committees. He has an exemplary Council attendance record.

William attends all the inter-agency meetings in Killyleagh, Crossgar and Saintfield fighting and putting your case to the statutory agencies in relation to Housing. Roads, Council matters etc. That cannot be said in relation to other Councillors.

Currently, he works for Jim Shannon MP dealing with the bread and butter issues from planning. Housing & Benefits. He has helped secure the 120 jobs at finnebrogue by supporting their planning application.

And William has been campaigning for Social Housing in Killyleagh, Crossgar and Saintfield and is currently in talks with Housing Associations to provide twenty  homes in Killyleagh, twelve  in Saintfield and four in Crossgar. He is also supportive of the campaign to enhance services and retain 24- hour A&E at the Downe Hospital.

Running with Cllr Billy Walker  is Harry Harvey, a long-time DUP member. Mr Harvey said: “I have lived all my life in Crossgar and  I am a Bible-believing Christian.

“I have worked in Bells Motor Works in Crossgar for almost 20 years. I am married to Sharon a nurse who at present works in the local clinic and also does community nursing in Crossgar and Killyleagh. We have two children Catherine (15) who attends Down High School and Lewis (10) who attends Academy Primary School, Saintfield.

“My late father Cecil Harvey was a serving councillor  on Down District Council in the Rowallane area for many years. My reason for standing in the forthcoming election is on the recommendation of Cllr William Dick. William, who is stepping down, will be a hard act to follow as he has been a very dedicated and hard-working councillor  in the Rowallane area for nearly 30 years and has seved the district as Council chaiirman.

[caption id="attachment_48253" align="alignright" width="300"]Former Down District Council Chairman Councillor William Dick will be retiring from the political furore in 12 months time. Former Down District Council Chairman Councillor William Dick will be retiring from the political front line in 12 months time.[/caption]

“I count it a privilege and an honour to be standing for Council in the Rowallane area for the DUP. I foirmly believe  in this day and age we need to affirm and uphold our faith and Biblical Christian values.

“My reason for going forward for Council is that I really enjoy helping people (all of the people) and feel that I can help in a greater capacity in the council. I will ensure that we give the best services we can with what resources and finances that we have, serving young people and not so young in the community. I can’t tell you I will change the world because I could not, but I can help with the little things that make a difference to you, the people of Rowallane.

“On the 22 May it is up to you to make a difference for me, I need you to help me so as I can help you. I not only need your personal vote. I need you to also encourage your friends to vote. I will forever be indebted to you, the electorate for your support. I appreciate it and give you my grateful thanks.

“So, let’s make a difference for me and in turn I will make a difference for you, I hope and pray that you will see fit to support me,” added Mr Harvey.


William Dick Stepping Down From Political Front Line

Rowallene  District Councillor William Dick is to step down in a year’s time from front line politics to make way for his long time colleague Harry Harvey.

William first became a councillor 39 year sago when he took over from Harry’s father Cecil who had served as councillor for four years on Down District Council. He said: “It has been a very interesting and enjoyable time but I think it is the right moment to step aside and make way for a younger person. I believe Harry Harvey will do an excellent job. He will have a full year in the transitional Newry, Mourne and Down Council and I will be able to help him through this period to settle in.

“When I joined council back in the eighties there was much civil unrest and disturbance and it was a very difficult time in our community. But now we have moved on and it is good that parties, councillors and others can all speak to each other. Work in the council chamber is much more of a team most  of the time compared to the old days.

“Today councillors I believe are much more professional and work closely with council officials and other bodies in getting things done for their constituents. Over the years I have covered a huge range of matters for people and have found that it is the bread and butter issues that are all too important, especially these days.

“I have really enjoyed my time in politics having also served as Council chairman for one year. It can be a very onerous position working thirty hours a week on top of your other job and it has been tough at times. I have had to run my farm and often spend a couple of hours after council meetings back at work.”

William added that when he finally retires in a year’s time when Down District Council eventually ends, he will continue to serve his community as best he can. “I certainly may slow down a bit, but I really enjoy working with people and I will continue this good work for as long as I can.”