August 19, 2022, 1:20
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Older Farmers In Kircubbin Area Invited To Join Plough On

Plough On provides social opportunities for older farmers in the Kircubbin area Rural Support, supported by DAERA, is excited...

Kircubbin Families Urged To Fill Trolleys With Healthy Food

Kircubbin families urged to cut back on high levels of sugar and fat in their diet safefood, partners with the Peninsula Healthy...

Young Child Dies In RTA In Kircubbin Area

Police have confirmed the death of a young child in a road accident in Kircubbin Police can confirm that...

Shannon Vexed At NI Water Digging Up Kircubbin Roads

NI Water work done to Manse Road and McKenna Road, Kircubbin tearing up the road. Jim Shannon MP has...

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