Sinn Féin Condemns Omagh Murder

“Enormous efforts have been made to change policing in this state. In joining the police service, young nationalist and republicans are playing an essential part in transforming our policing structures and delivering accountable and impartial policing for all sections of our community. “The people who killed Ronan Kerr have set their face against progressive change. They are against fair policing. They are opposed to a balanced and impartial policing service. They want to bring the British Army back onto our streets and to remilitarise our society. They offer only a return to the conflict from which we have successfully broken free. “The Good Friday Agreement was a new beginning for this island. It offered a way to deal with our political differences and our political aspirations in a wholly peaceful and democratic way. There is no justification for the violence these micro-groups are inflicting on their own people. “In the time ahead, we, as a Sinn Fein team in South Down, are pledged to stand up to the misguided individuals who have just visited such tragedy and suffering on a young Irishman and his family.” The killing of PSNI Constable Ronan Kerr has brought condemnation from far and wide. Speaking from Stormont yesterday at a press conference, Martin McGuinness said that he fully supported the role that the Catholic police officers were playing and said he was “proud” of  what they had achieved. And in the House of Parliament in London, Owen Paterson, Secretary of Stare for Northern Ireland also rounded on the dissidents describing the murder as a “revolting and cowardly act.” Addressing The Secretary of State in Parliament, South Down MP Margaret Ritchie said,  ” As the only leader of a Northern Ireland party who is a Member of this House, I wish to add the voice of the SDLP y to those who have condemned this murder, and who are determined that its perpetrators are brought to justice. I was happy yesterday to speak to Mrs Nuala Kerr, and to her two sons and daughter, to convey those sympathies on behalf of the wider community and my party. “While we grieve for Constable Kerr and remember Constable Carroll, let us include in our prayers all those who have died throughout Northern Ireland. “Given the level of infiltration of the dissident groups by the security services, will the Secretary of State give a firm assurance that the PSNI will receive every scrap of information and intelligence that is held by the security services that could be relevant to its investigation of this appalling murder of Constable Ronan Kerr? May I join other hon. Members in urging all members of the wider community in Northern Ireland who have information to pass it on to the PSNI in order to assist with the inquiry?” Mr Paterson repllied, “I wholeheartedly concur with the honorable  Lady’s comments. Her party has a proud record of pursuing its political ambitions by democratic means through the most difficult times. She asked about the security services. I shall repeat the comments of Lord Carlile, who is an independent assessor of these matters: “MI5 and the PSNI are working very closely together and one really could not have more work being done and more energetically to try and deal with what is a very difficult threat”.]]>