Sinn Féin Call Border Meeting On Article 50


No Borders, No Barriers, No Brexit.

Sinn Féin to host Public Meeting. 

This British government will, this Wednesday the 29th of March trigger Article 50, the process which will formalise their exit from the European Union. At this point the European Union and the British Governemt will begin a negotiation process that will conclude with Britain leaving the EU.

Sinn Féin have called for special designated status for the north of Ireland to remain in the European Union. We have done so because it is in the interests of the Irish people; for farmers, for students, for small businesses, and Irish society; for human rights protections, environmental standards, for peace and reconciliation and for infrastructure.

56% of people in the North voted to Remain in the EU – that has to be respected maintains Sinn Féin.

On Thursday, March 30th, the day after Article 50 is triggered, MEP’s from across Europe will join with Martina Anderson MEP and Matt Carthy MEP at a public meeting to discuss the way forward. This will give you a unique opportunity to raise your concerns directly with MEPs from across Europe, before the European Parliament sets its Brexit agenda.

The meeting will take place on Thursday 30th March, in the Carrickdale Hotel, County Louth, at 7:30pm.

It will be an opportunity for people North and South to voice your concerns to people who will have an influence on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. You, and representatives of your organisation are most welcome.

In Newry, Monaghan and Louth there will be meetings with various sectors affected by Brexit, including SMEs, agriculture, tourism, chambers of commerce, enterprise agencies, trade unions.

No Border, No Barriers, No Brexit 

Public Meeting

Thursday March 30th


Carrickdale Hotel, Co. Louth

All Welcome



The MEPs travelling with Martina Anderson & Matt Carry are 

– Gabi Zimmer MEP. Die Linke, Germany. President of the GUE/NGL group. Employment and Social Affairs Committee.

– Josu Jurist MEP. EH Bildu, Basque Country (Spanish State).

Regional Development Committee (with a particular awareness of cross-border issues)

Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee.

– Marisa Matias MEP (Thursday only. Leaves Friday morning). Left Bloc, Portugal.

Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. Industry, Research and Energy Committee.

– Lidia Senra MEP (Thursday night & Friday only). Galician Alternative Left, Spanish State.  GUE/NGL co-ordinator on the Agriculture Committee. Fisheries Committee.

– Giorgios Karatsioubanis. Syriza Central Committee, Greece. Syriza European Policy and International Affairs Department.

– Norbert Hagemann (Die Linke, Germany from MEP Helmut Scholz’s office. Scholz is on the Foreign Affairs committee, International Trade committee and Constitutional Affairs committee, and Norbert will report back to him on the visit.)

– Martin Herberg (Gabi Zimmer’s office).

– Diana Mandia (Lidia Senra’s office).