Shannon Champions Improved Strangford Dementia Care


Strangford MP Jim Shannon is calling on local health services to help improve standards of care in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) by following the latest advice from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) on drug treatment. Earlier this month (September) Mr Shannon met with Professor Peter Passmore, one of the UK’s foremost consultants on dementia, at the Houses of Parliament. This event was initiated by Lundbeck UK to discuss the increasing numbers of people affected by AD in Strangford and how the current treatment options recommended by NICE may help improve patient care. [caption id="attachment_30288" align="alignleft" width="264" caption="Proffessor Peter Passmore, one of the UK's formost consultants on Dementia, right, met with Strangford MP Jim Shannon at Westminster. (Photograph by Amit Lennon)."][/caption] “Alzheimer’s disease has a devastating effect on people’s lives – patients, carers and their families. There are now recommended treatments available that will benefit their condition and it is essential that the local health trusts work with patients to ensure they have the best treatment available,” said Mr Shannon.  “I was delighted to meet with Professor Passmore to discuss the issue in more detail and other local MPs who recognise the importance of better Alzheimer’s care.” The parliamentary event was an opportunity for Professor Passmore to discuss with MPs the work he does with dementia sufferers and the challenges he faces, including reducing the use of anti-psychotics, in people living with Alzheimer’s disease. In November 2009, Professor Banerjee published a report on the use of antipsychotics in dementia. In September last year the Department of Health called on doctors to reduce the inappropriate use of anti-psychotics in people with dementia, as currently only 1 in 5 patients derive benefit from their use Professor Passmore said, “The parliamentary meeting was a fantastic opportunity to speak with Jim, who is committed to fighting for Alzheimer’s disease patients in Strangford, to discuss the local issues. I hope that other parliamentarians who were unable to attend the meetings will take similar effective action to improve care in their region.”]]>


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