SERC’s Student Union President Elected


SOUTH Eastern Regional College student Cait Murray is ready to face the challenges of student life when she takes up her role as the new President of the Students’ Union (SU), at the college’s Downpatrick Campus.

Cait, who is studying Children’s Care, Learning and Development and Psychology, at the College’s Downpatrick Campus, won the elections earlier this year and is currently carrying out her new post.

The new SERC students’union president, Cait Murray, has now taken up her office in the Downpatrick campus.

Cait is enjoying life at SERC and said: “When I first joined the SU last year I was delighted to be elected as the Welfare Officer and even more so as the President, at the beginning of this term.  I feel that I can bring new ideas to improve the SERC experience for all our students.

“I feel that it is essential that college is viewed as not just a means to an end, but as a community. Clubs and societies are fundamental, to improve the quality of education that students receive, where friendships are made and where individual personalities are recognised. Where success isn’t measured by tests and coursework.”

“This year’s Students Union has the ambition and motivation, to provide the college with four new clubs, as well as organising campaigns and fundraisers for various charities which will encourage students to participate and feel valued within the college setting. We aim to create a community.”

“As President for the students union it is my role to ensure students are represented and supported in the best possible way, maintaining a high standard of student welfare.  My role is also about helping students engage better with the College both inside and outside the classroom creating a culture which is fun while striving to enhance their learning experience.”

Speaking after the election Cait highlighted concerns over student finance and threats to reduce university places as issues that are likely to be important.

Her focus will be on student placements and industry projects, ensuring that students gain as much hands on experience as possible which will help them gain the employability skills and experience required when they graduate. Cait sees these as crucial considering the very competitive job market. She also hopes to promote and encourage student engagement to ensure everyone gets the most out of their time at SERC.”

Congratulating Cait on her new role, SU Governor Andrew McKeag said: “This year has been great for the students union with lots of positive changes. The students union provides students with an invaluable resource to make the transition from school or family life into a college environment. To help create an ideal environment for students we also organise events to provide an opportunity for students from all backgrounds to come together.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Cait and wish her well in her new role. I’m sure she’ll continue to carry on the good work and take the SU forward.”


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