Road Safety Call for Tipperary Wood Road from Councillor Willie Clarke


NEWCASTLE Sinn Féin Councillor Willie Clarke has called on the DRD Roads Service to take action to improve road safety at the crossing at Tipperary Wood / Island Park walkway in Newcastle. This crossing forms part of the Mourne Way designated walking route

Councillor Clarke said: “It will only be a matter of time before there is a fatality or someone is seriously injured at this crossing, unless concerns around safety are addressed.”

Speaking following discussions with local residents, Councillor Clarke added: “This is a very fast stretch road, with a heavy volume of traffic. There have previously been serious accidents and a number of near misses on the Bryansford Road in the past, and am calling on DRD Roads Service to consider ways of improving safety at this unofficial crossing.

“There is also a need for signage highlighting traffic emerging from unsighted junctions from housing settlements including Shimna wood, motorists need to be made aware off these dangers.”

Councillor Clarke also requested DRD Roads Service to erect a sign for Kilkeel at the mini roundabout on the Bryansford Road to ensure visitors continuing their journey to the Mournes do not have to make an unnecessary detour via the Main Street in Newcastle which just adds to congestion in the town centre.”


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