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Ritchie Says Productive Meeting Held With NI Water Over Ardmeen Green Sewage Issues
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South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has welcomed a meeting with senior NIW officials following continued problems with sewage odours in the area.

Ms Ritchie said: “Further to continued problems with foul smells in the month of March I organised an onsite meeting with Northern Ireland Water and residents.

dn_screen“I understand there were problems on the 14 March when chemicals, used to dose the sewer line ran out, and on the 24 March when the electricity connection faulted.

“As a result of this meeting and putting forward residents’ ongoing concerns, I have secured daily dosing of the sewer line, including weekends and holidays. I have also received a commitment from NIW that additional stocks of chemicals will be held at the pumping station.

“This is welcome news and as a result of an ongoing campaign to deal with problems experienced by residents. These measures should provide for the continuation of treatment of the sewer line to deal with pungent odours which affect householders in the area.

Cllr Colin McGrath added:  “I am pleased ongoing work is taking place to deal with this problem which detrimentally affected the lives of residents in the month of March.

“The issue has been ongoing for a number of years, but has been successfully treated by chemical dosing. Until March there had been a decrease in foul smelling odours in the area. Following the meeting with the MP I hope the solutions identified will deal with any problems experienced by both NIW staff and residents in Ardmeen Green.”