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Ritchie Calls for More Decentralisation of Government Jobs
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SDLP South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has said that decentralisation of government jobs is an essential means of supporting and underpinning rural communities and that further work on the subject is needed.

She said: “As a public representative for a largely rural constituency, it is never an easy task to go to Westminster and report on the economic suffering felt by non-urban communities in my constituency.

A key plank of government policy to underpin and support rural communities has been the decentralisation of government jobs out of Belfast, but as of now, only minimal work has been done on that, with only one department making a set-piece move outside of the major conurbations.

“It is high time that the Executive put further plans into action for the decentralisation of other departments and agencies. Given the economic impact of recent unrest, every possible avenue to pump-prime non-urban communities must be explored as a matter of urgency.”