Quoile Provides Plenty Of Sport

There have been a good few rudd caught up to two pounds, and there are perch around too, some of which can be up to three pounds, but although they are scarce, just be prepared for the specimen as they are definitely there in catchable numbers. They probably respond better to fishing with small dead bait or spinning baits. Around the Killyleagh Bridge is a popular spot where the water flow is good, with the water quite deep.  But the Disabled Car Park area too can produce the goods on occasions.  I’ve found this area better for perch as there are the structures of the old tidal barrier for them to lurk around as predators. If it is pike you are after, there are a few around and I’ve found the lower reaches more productive, but Jane’s Shore just below Blackwater College on the Killyleagh Road is also an accessible and useful spot to fish for pike. Deadbaiting with mackerel tail is most effective, but any small dead fish will technically do. But if piking, please make sure you have a proper set of disgorgers or long-nosed pliers to extricate the hooks if the fish is deep hooked. The biggest pike I have caught on the Quoile and landed was 16lbs just below the Disabled Car Park on a mackerel tail on a float. But I did lose a fish that must have been at least 30lbs in weight if not more at Steamnboat Quay one evening. It ambushed my bait and caught me unawares and snapped my line before I could respond. many people say the seals ate the big pike and probably did, but there are still plenty more around for an enjoyable summers’ fishing.]]>