Patrick Clarke Thanks Voters For Support

Dear Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to thank both the Alliance election  team and all those people who assisted in my campaign to become an Alliance Councillor.  The very long days and evenings over many weeks canvassing across the Newcastle electoral area proved that the local electorate wished to see a change. During the campaign I listened attentively to what residents said to me on the doorstep. Now elected, I will bring your concerns to those in authority.   My goal will be to always keep in touch with those I represent and serve. To the people who sent me messages of support and congratulations  I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks.  I wish to thank my family and close circle of friends  who  played a very important part in my recent success.  My commitment to the people of the district  will be to work for the whole community, irrespective of religious or  political allegiance.   Finally, I am very grateful to all those who voted for me. I will justify the confidence you placed in me. Yours, Councillor Patrick Clarke, [caption id="attachment_21426" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Councillor Patrick Clarke supporting the campaign for a traffic crossing in Dundrum. "][/caption] 8 Carrigard, Dundrum. DUNDRUM PETITION FOR PEDESTRIAN CROSSING ALLIANCE Councillor for Newcastle Patrick Clarke has repeated his call for the DRD Roads Service to meet with him as a matter of urgency to discuss the need for a pedestrian crossing along Main Street, Dundrum, before an accident or fatality happens. A petition recently signed by local residents will also to be presented to DRD Roads Service. At present there is no pedestrian crossing along Main Street Dundrum, with many local residents being forced to dodge traffic to make their way to the local Post office and shops. Councillor Patrick Clarke believes that it will take an accident or perhaps a fatality before DRD Roads Service will finally approve the provision of a pedestrian crossing, which the village of Dundrum is in urgent need off. He said, I have been lobbying DRD Roads Service for some time about the provision of a pedestrian crossing on Main Street, and am asked on virtually a weekly basis by people living in the village about the difficultly trying to cross the Main Street. “I am calling on DRD Roads Service to meet with me in order to resolve the provision of a pedestrian crossing along Main Street, and would urge DRD Roads Service to come to Dundrum during the busy periods, where their officials will see how much traffic is driving through the village, and causing people difficulty crossing Main Street at certain times during the day. During the election campaign I was continually asked by local residents about this. “When I secure a site meeting I will handing over to DRD Roads Service a petition which has been signed by local residents who want a pedestrian crossing along Main Street.  This petition was signed by residents who called into the local post office at Brennans on Main Street. “As a Councillor I will continue to pursue the matter to secure a pedestrian crossing for Dundrum village .”]]>