NI Water Need To Inform People Of Planned Works Says McGrath

South Down MLA Colin McGrath concerned about NI Water not notifying local users about essential works in Downpatrick. 

South DownMLA Colin McGrath (SDLP) has said that NI Water need to better inform people about planned and routine maintenance works especially when it involves switching off their water supply.

Commenting the South Down MLA said:”‘There was planned works to the water network in Downpatrick over the past weekend and many people were impacted.

“I was contacted by many constituents who were concerned that their water supply was not working on Sunday morning and wanted to know if there were other people in the same situation.

“After some social media updates it appeared that dozens of people from various parts of the town were impacted and some had been informed and others were not.

“It is critical that NI Water get their PR right in this matter and inform all people potentially impacted.

“It is crucial that families and those caring for the sick and elderly at home are able to make the correct preparations. For others too a little bit of information would help ensure that domestic appliances needing water were not switched on during this time.

“I have written to NI Water and asked for an assessment of what happened and for assurances people will be informed in the future.”