Beach Cleans Take Place On Ards Coastline


NI Water had a busy day on Donaghadee beach, carrying out a clean-up of historic debris washed onto the rocks over recent weeks.  The debris is thought to have been disturbed from the seabed and washed ashore over the last month or so.

NI Water’s Gavin McCready said: “The debris that has been washed up is what we call ‘rags’, basically bunches of baby wipes and sanitary items that have clumped together.  The ones that are on a patch of rocks at Donaghadee beach have formed a ‘mop head’ effect, basically they look like the strands of a mop!   While the rags are old, and not the result of any recent incident in the area, they are unsightly.  NI Water has attempted to clear away as much of it as possible, without taking too much of the seaweed that is also present.

“Visually, it is a stark reminder to every one of the damage that flushing items like baby wipes and sanitary products can have on our environment.

Pictured l-r are: Alan Chambers, UUP MLA; NI Water’s Wastewater Networks Area Manager, Gavin McCready; and NI Water’s Customer Relationship Lead, John Kelly.

“Customer awareness and behaviour change is the only real way to address sewer misuse; the message is simple, don’t flush anything other than paper, poo and pee and keep wastewater ‘Flo-ing’ through your home and our network.

“NI Water has spent over £1.5 billion investing in water and wastewater infrastructure but no amount of investment will completely stop blocked pipes and out of sewer flooding if people continue  to flush wipes (including flushable), sanitary items and cotton buds down the toilet.”

Alan Chambers UUP MLA, North Down says, “I welcome this clean-up project and realise it is a huge challenge as these materials have ended up in the sea many, many years ago. The message is that people need to heed NI Water’s advice of what not to flush down the toilet, otherwise in years to come we will be cleaning it off the beach.”

NI Water has an ongoing blockage awareness campaign, introducing our character ‘Flo’ who travels through our water and waste water systems.


to view the video and meet ‘Flo’ on her journey into the sewers.


Cloughey Beach Clean Up. 

Ards and North Down Borough Councillor Joe Boyle.

Meanwhile, Ards and North Down Borough Councillor Joe Boyle has congratulated the Cloughey Development Community Association on there recent beach clean up.He said: “I was invited to the event that actually celebrated the CDCA’s 10th anniversary of cleaning the beach and surrounding area in Cloughey.

” It was great to see such a large turnout at the event and congratulations are extended to everyone who attended and assisted with collecting the large number of bags of rubbish and items from the beach.

“Unfortunately everything collected was not washed ashore due to the tides and I would appeal to everyone to give careful consideration whenever disposing of unwanted items and adopt a responsible attitude. We can all play our part in creating a better, cleaner and healthier environment for everyone to enjoy.

“I would place on record my thanks and the appreciation of the CDCA and Cloughey residents to the employees from the Cleansing Section of Ards and North Down Borough Council for their commitment and understanding in removing the numerous bags of rubbished that were all lifted during Saturday and Sunday.”