Musical Equipment Stolen In Hinch Farm Raid

There is a reward offered by the equipment owners for information leading to the return of the stolen items. They  broke into a secured barn at an isolated farm on the Peartree Road in Ballynahinch on April 23rd and removed rhythm and bass guitar amplifier cabinets and stands, speakers, a drum kit, microphones and microphone stands. [caption id="attachment_23551" align="alignleft" width="267" caption="Paul Appleyard is appealing on behalf of his group By Any Means for the return of musical equipment stolen from a farm near Ballynahinch."][/caption] Paul Appleyard, a member of the four-piece band By Any Means said one stolen guitar amplifier cabinet is unique. He added, “I built the speaker cabinet for my guitar amplifier so I know it is one of a kind. The PSNI are releasing a photograph of it in case the general public may recognise it and help me get it back. It is a very special piece of equipment, even more so for me as I built it with my own hands. “We have lost quite a bit of equipment in this burglary and we are just getting by with what is left. Luckily some people are holding a benefit night for us soon to raise funds to buy new gear, but we would really like our old gear back as it has served us well. Of course as a musician you become attached to your equipment and it can be very upsetting if something happens to it. All we want is our equipment back. S0 we are appealing to whoever has it to think again and let us have it back again, “ he added. During the incident, the thieves tried to smash down a sturdy door, and failed, then ripped open a window to gain entry. After removing the equipment they tried to set fire to the barn and the old farmhouse adjacent. CID detectives in Downpatrick believe  the thieves would have needed a large vehicle to remove the items from the barn and want to speak to anyone who has been on the area of Peartree Road in Ballynahinch on April 23rd to contact them on 0845 600 8000. Or if someone would like to pass information without giving their details they can call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. [caption id="attachment_23553" align="alignright" width="208" caption="A photo of the guitar cabinet that was stolen from a farm near Ballynahinch"][/caption] Full list of items taken: * 1x pair of Peavy Black speakers (15″ bins with a flared horn in cabinet, passive crossover) with jack inputs. * 1x black tri pod stand for speaker (one left behind) * 2 x Boom Mic Stands and XLR Leads with Blue tape round the jack ends * 1 x Sure Sm57 Beta Mic * 1 x Sure Sm58 Beta Mic * Hand built Guitar cabinet with 4 x 12″ Celestian Gt12T’s speakers (old version) This is unique as the owner built it himself and it only has 1 x 16 ohm input – speaker is covered with Black carpet with Audio Tec logo on grill. Speaker is covered with red cloth. * 1 x Messi Boogie bass cab * 1 x Pearl 5 piece drum kit with rack mounts for cymbals]]>