Market Street In The Dark On Monday Night

Market Street left In The Dark After Lights Failure


Market Street left In The Dark After Lights Failure.

Whilst returning from a job on late on Monday evening, driving towards Market Street from The Grove direction, I could not help but notice there were no street lights on upper Market Street.

When I got home I sent off an email to the Department for Infrastructure to check why the lights were off.

A dark street is not good for personal safety or the security of business premises.

Market Street in Downpatrick on Monday 24 August at 10pm. The street lights are not working.

I was surprised to learn that I was the first to report the fault.

A Department for Infrastructure (DfI) spokesman said: “The Department has not received any reports of defective street lighting in Market Street, Downpatrick. 

“This fault has now been logged and will be investigated today.

“An on-line reporting facility for logging street lighting faults has been made available for citizens on the NI Direct web site, under ‘Street Lighting and reporting a fault.

“Street lighting faults can also be reported by telephone to 0300 200 7899.”

So now we all know how to report a street lighting fault!

But I still don’t know what caused the fault!