Owen Calls For Traffic Calming At Moyra Drive In Saintfield

Speeding In Saintfield Needs Curbed Says Councillor Owen.


Speeding In Saintfield Needs Curbed Says Councillor Owen.

“Moyra Drive is a lovely area of Saintfield leading onto the Grange,” said Newry Mourne and Down District Councillor Kathryn Owen.

“There are many young families that live in this area of Saintfield, but it has been a speeding hot spot in recent years.

“The DfI has confirmed that Moyra Drive meets the criteria for traffic calming measures.. However, they have confirmed the likelihood of getting the humps installed as highly unlikely due to the number of other traffic calming measures needed across NI.

“Moyra Drive is case number 98.

Rowallene Cllr Kathryn Owen, campaigning for traffic calming measures at Moyra Drive in Saintfield.

“With only a handful of traffic calming cases completed each year, it is highly unlikely that Moyra Drive will be done anytime soon.

To me this makes no sense, so the Department has recognised the need and yet can’t fulfil there own objectives.

“This is a failure to the people living in Moyra Drive, and I suspect it won’t be too much longer before there is a serious accident.

“Both Strangford MP Jim Shannon MP and Minister Peter Weir have offered their help and will be sending a letter of support to the Department,” said Cllr Owen.