Margaret Ritchie MP Comments On Judicial Proceedings Being Taken By Police Ombudsman’s Office Against PSNI


South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has commented on the Police Ombudsman’s intervention on behalf of those being investigated by the PSNI.

dn_screenMargaret Ritchie said: “As MP for South Down, I welcome this action by the Police Ombudsman’s Office in the pursuit of justice for the victims and families whose cases were to be further investigated by the Ombudsman’s Office. Among these cases was the Loughinisland Massacre which happened nearly 20 years ago on 18 June 1994.

[caption id="attachment_34983" align="alignright" width="250"]South Down MP Margaret Ritchie said in Westminster that the Universal Credit system is a failure. South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has welcomed the stance taken by the Police Ombudsman regarding police investigations. [/caption]

“I have always been steadfast in my pursuit of the truth for the victims and their families and have made it clear that both investigations, that of the PSNI and of the Police Ombudsman’s Office into the Loughinisland Massacre should run concurrently and without delay.

“Unfortunately, the Police Ombudsman’s Office has reached the point where they have to take this legal action in pursuit of the truth for the families and victims and to protect the independence and good name of their office.

“This is due to the fact that the Chief Constable and Senior Officers have refused to cooperate with the Police Ombudsman’s Investigating Officers. In so doing they are obfuscating this and other inquiries into historical cases thus preventing truth and justice for the families and the wider community. It is also quite clear that they are interfering with the independence of the Police Ombudsman.

“I have raised my concerns both with the PSNI and the Police Ombudsman’s Office regarding the length of time taken to date by the PSNI in their investigations into the police investigation into the Loughinisland murders. This formal review by the PSNI began in May 2011 and to date we have had no outcome.

“I will be continuing my regular contact with both the PSNI and the Police Ombudsman’s Office on their respective investigations into the Loughinisland Massacre,” added Ms Ritchie.