Mac Con Midhe Welcomes Saul Brae Improvements


Down District Councillor Councillor  Éamonn Mac Con Midhe has welcomed news that Roads Service have cut a grassed area at Saul Brae, Downpatrick.dn_screen

The area in question is notorious with locals. It is regularly allowed to get so overgrown that it leads to hazardous conditions for motorists trying to exit the Mearne Rd junction.

 Councillor Mac Con Midhe added: “I welcome that the Roads Service have acted promptly upon my representation about the matter, however, I remain concerned that the area is not prioritized given the nature of the road layout there.

“It is inevitable that every summer the foliage at this area will overgrow. As a direct result, it does and will continue to restrict the view of motorists at this very dangerous junction.

“I am therefore calling on Roads Service to prioritize the area for shrubbery cuts, to ensure that it does not get the stage where this potential hazard leads to an accident.”