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Killyleagh Scout Group Rescued From Strangford Lough
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Jim Shannon MP for Strangford has thanked the life boat crew from Portaferry for their daring rescue of the teenage scout group who were floundering in Strangford Lough on Saturday past.dn_screen

Thirtwwn boys and girls were kayaking to an inlet just off the village of Killyleagh. Although bright, the wind picked up shortly after they left the shoreline and when a large wave smacked the Kayak, six boys and their scout leader where thrown into the Lough.

Mr Shannon said: “We cannot think too highly of our lifeboat crew and as they have on every other occasion, their response to an urgent call was answered immediately and Portaferry Lifeboat picked up the boys from the sea and urgently took them to Killyleagh Harbour and then to hospital by ambulance.

“We cannot thank them enough and it is another reason that we need to keep our response team foremost in our thoughts and prayers as the better weather and more people on the seas will make them busier.”