Killinchy Beekeepers Begin AutumnProgramme

Killinchy & District Beekeepers Association has begun their winter programme of meetings with an excellent session this week.

Held in their new venue, Andrews Memorial Primary School, a dedicated group of bee-keeping enthusiatsts and beginners came together to learn more about their ancient craft.

[caption id="attachment_38170" align="alignleft" width="320"]Beekeepers at work on their hives in Killinchy. Beekeepers at work on their hives in Killinchy.[/caption]

Valentine Hodges, Killinchy Beekepers chairperson, said:  “It became necessary to relocate from our old meeting place at the Lisbarnet Community Centre towards the end of last winter as we had out-grown the premises. Such has been the expression of interest in beekeeping in the district in recent times..

“Our meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 7.30pm, and we have different guest speakers along to talk about or demonstrate various aspects of the life of the honeybee and beekeeping.

“We are also about to announce our beekeeping courses for the coming year, the preliminary or beginner’s course, and now also an intermediate beekeepers course, where beekeepers can learn in much more detail about honeybees and honey production.

[caption id="attachment_51567" align="alignright" width="390"]Killinchy Beekeepers at a seminar. Killinchy Beekeepers at a seminar.[/caption]

“More details about the courses can be found on the Ulster Beekeepers’ Association website  under ‘Getting Started’.

“Last night’s meeting was well attended by around 74 people who were treated to a demonstration of honey extraction by Mervyn Warrington, producing section honey by David Wright, and a timely talk on current varroa treatments given by Chris Hodges.

“The varroa mite is one of the major hazards faced by the honeybee worldwide, and their presence in a colony can weaken the bees making them more vulnerable to many other maladies – as we all saw in 2012/3, when bee losses were considerable.”

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