Kilkeel Road Markings At School A Worry – McGrath

McGrath welcomes repairs to road markings be completed at a Kilkeel primary School

McGrath welcomes repairs to road markings be completed at a Kilkeel primary School

South Down MLA Colin McGrath has welcomed confirmation that DfI Roads are to repair marking defects at St Columban’s Primary School, Kilkeel.

Colin McGrath said: “Following concerns that were raised with me folowing meetings with a number of local residents and parents of children at St Columban’s, I began making representations to the Department for Infrastructure. 

“There has been concerns raised about the markings here which have faded and the issues around dropping-off and picking up of children during the academic year. 

Colin McGrath MLA has welcomed the DfI’s commitment to repair degraded road marking outside St Columban’s Primary School in Kilkeel.

“Traffic moves quickly on the approach to the town which presents a problem when parents are trying to exit from the school.

“However, I welcome confirmation from the Department that the defective markings outside the school are to be refreshed. 

“I have no doubt that this will be of benefit to parents and school children during busy drop off and pick up times.

“There has also been a query raised with me as to whether or not it is possible to introduce double yellow lines in this area. This is an issue that I believe requires further consultation with the local community to gauge if there is support for such a request. 

“I would be keen to hear the views of those living in the area and parents/guardians who make regular use of St Columban’s particularly at key drop off and pick up times.”

Colin McGrath added: “It is essential that the access to our schools is as safe as possible for vehicles and pedestrians, and most importantly our children. I remain committed to working to deliver that.”