Fitzpatrick Speaks Out On CAP

“Agriculture is the corner stone of the rural economy across the North and farmers are the custodians of the countryside.  There are many jobs created as a result in the agri-food sector. “Without the Single Farm Payment being fully protected there would be a dramatic decline in the number of people farming, and as a result there would be potential for a corresponding drop in jobs in the Agri-Food Sector. “Funding for disadvantaged areas (LFA’s) must be retained and enhanced were possible.” Councillor Fitzpatrick continued, “I feel that farmers must be protected from imports of meat and meat products that are produced in other countries that do not conform to the high animal health standards of production and hygiene that livestock farmers here in the North have to adhere to. I pledge along with my party colleagues to be my utmost to ensure that our farmers are fully protected in the review of the CAP for the year 2013.” He added,” there is a clear need to protect compensation for farmers who suffered as a result of having either Tuberculosis or Brucellosis reactors.  There also needs to be an urgent review of all the red tape that farmers had to endure from DARD.  Farmers are punished for simple mistakes and suffer financial penalties as a result.  In the current economic climate this is intolerable and steps need to be taken urgently to find a sensible way to put an end to this nonsense.”]]>