Finnebrogue Skinny Sausages Make Big Bang At M&S


M&S has introduced a new range of skinny, gluten-free sausages by Finnebrogue Artisan in Downpatrick to fill a gap in the market for a pork sausage that can deliver taste, texture and succulence, while answering demand for a lower fat content.

Developed by long-term M&S supplier Finnebrogue Artisan, the new ‘Skinny Pork Sausage’ is the latest in a line of successful M&S ‘skinny’ meat products. The ‘Skinny Burger’ was introduced last year and proved so popular with customers that M&S decided to expand the range with the launch of ‘Skinny Meatballs’ in Autumn 2016.

The skinny sausage has hit the shelves with a bang at M&S.

Made with 70% outdoor bred British pork, the new sausage contains a gluten-free crumb, egg white, seasoning and water – a total of only 78 calories, with less than 3% fat. As well as being lower in calories and fat than a normal sausage, the skinny sausage is higher in protein too, with two sausages providing the same amount of fibre as two slices of wholemeal bread.

Skinny sausages available at M&S stores made by Finnebrogue Artisan in Downpatrick. 

Emma Curistan, New Product Development Manager at Finnebrogue said: “We have a long-standing relationship with M&S during which time we have continued to grow the business. This is testament to the commitment of Marks & Spencer to sourcing the best produce and Finnebrogue’s ability to meet the M&S customers’ needs and demands for great tasting, quality products.

“Our New Product Development team has worked extremely hard to create these fabulous new and innovative ‘skinny’ products for M&S.

“We wanted to create a sausage that, whilst low in fat, did not compromise on the texture and juiciness of a normal sausage. No artificial colours or flavours are added and every piece of meat that goes into making these sausages is hand inspected by a team of time served butchers.”

Steve McLean, M&S Head of Agriculture said: “By implementing a world-class approach to new product development and originality, Finnebrogue has successfully maintained its name for excellent quality and pioneering products.

“Our ‘skinny’ range continues to grow in popularity as our customers search for quality products that complement their healthy, active lifestyles, but do not compromise on taste.

“After the success of our other ‘Skinny’ products, we knew there was a gap in the market for a ‘skinny’ sausage, and have worked with Finnebrogue for over a year to develop the perfect addition to the range.

“In January, we introduced the new sausage into M&S stores. Since then, they have become one of M&S’ best-selling sausages, highlighting our customers desire for products that allow them to indulge in their favourite treats, guilt-free. They’re great for summer barbeques or enjoying as healthier addition to our tradition Ulster cooked breakfast.”

M&S Outdoor Bred Six Skinny Pork Sausages are available for £3.20 per 400g pack (2 packs for £5) in all M&S stores.