Declutterbird Features On Chris Scott Podcast

Clearing the clutter with Crossgar Declutterbird Catherine Hamilton Cooper

Clearing the clutter with Crossgar Declutterbird Catherine Hamilton Cooper

You can hear Crossgar mum Catherine Hamilton-Cooper talking to Chris Scott on the Down about Down Podcast about her business the Declutterbird.

Podcaster Chris Scott said: “Catherine is a professional declutterer and organiser and is clearly passionate about her business.

“This is a new concept to Northern Ireland and there is certainly a need for this service.”

Catherine said: “Our lives are getting busier, our possessions are accumulating more and more, and we are gathering so many more things.

Pictured is Catherine Hamilton-Cooper, the Declutterbird, who you can listen to on the Chris Scott Podcast.

“We are buying much more online. All of these things are coming into our house and we need to make sure we manage that.” 

“When the clutter grows, the problems start and that is when I can be called on for assistance.”

Catherine, an APDO member of the UK’s membership association for decluttering and organising professionals, talks to Chris about her background and the reasons why she decided to start her own business. 

Catherine is well aware of the problems that clutter can cause in the home and how it can negatively affect people’s lives.

She explains how she provides a realistic and friendly service and takes time to understand her client and their difficulties.

And she added: “They will start to see a weight being lifted off their shoulders and can see a light at the end of the clutter tunnel.” 

Catherine discusses some of her techniques and tips which she uses in her business.

Earlier this year, in April, she was the winner of the Mighty Women Brunch Awards and in September she was a finalist in the Northern Ireland Social Media Awards.

Currently the Declutterbird facebook site has a following of over 16,000 followers.

Also, Catherine has a private Facebook group with 2300 members where they can ask questions, seek advice and share ideas online.

Catherine believes that there is a positivity in helping each other saying: “It is amazing the members who have made astonishing progress in their home just from the group alone.”

Some of her plans for the future, including the launch of the Declutterbird membership on Facebook in 2024 are also touched on.

This will include monthly training and accountability sessions.

Recently Catherine has published a book, “Decluttering DIY – Home Decluttering Planner.” 

This is a comprehensive guide to decluttering, based on her trademarked signature decluttering system, “The Cleared System.”

This podcast is a thought-provoking and interesting conversation – not to be missed!

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