Beat The Freeze Says SDLP


South Down SDLP MLA Seán Rogers has called on householders to be vigilant as we enter the New Year.

[caption id="attachment_45728" align="alignleft" width="390"]Down District Councillor Laura Devlin and South Down MLA Séan Rogers at an NI Water stall during a recent conference Down District Councillor Laura Devlin, left, and South Down MLA Séan Rogers at an NI Water stall during a recent conference[/caption]

Mr Rogers said: “Many of us are all too aware of the devastating effect of burst pipes. I am therefore speaking out in order to promote NI Water’s campaign to “Beat the Freeze. We are entering the New Year with temperatures set to plummet.

“There are simple procedures that you can follow in order to ‘Beat the Freeze’.  These include knowing where your stop valve is and keeping the contact number of a registered plumber on hand to deal with any bursts on your property.

“The devastation caused by burst pipes cannot be underestimated.  Not only can the water cause structural damage to a property, but the lasting damage in a home can be to personal items, including photographs and electrical equipment such as tablets, iPads and laptops, that may not be replaceable.

“On a wider scale, if you imagine the impact of thousands of litres of water pouring out of burst water pipes… any water distribution network would struggle to maintain continuity of supply in those circumstances. Insulating your pipework is an essential action to protect your water supply and that of your neighbours.”