DCAL Releases Info On Recent Salmon Consultation

THE Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure has outlined the initial findings of their public consultation on Salmon conservation.

Given the serious decline in stocks of wild Atlantic salmon, the Department carried out the consultation on salmon conservation setting out a number of options for both commercial fishing and recreational angling. The 10 week consultation ran from 1 May to 10 July 2012.

Nearly 400 responses were received, although not all of them provided views on every aspect of the consultation or fully completed the survey.

The views of individuals accounted for 90% of responses, while the remaining 10% were from organisations representing the views of a total of almost 17,000 individuals.

A detailed analysis of the choices and comments expressed in the responses will now be undertaken by the Department. Details of this exercise will be published in due course.

The findings of the analysis, together with other important considerations, such as scientific evidence, will inform the development of salmon conservation policy and any legislative changes that may be required to underpin this.

The Department would thank all respondents to the consultation for their participation.