Alliance Welcomes Promenade Works


th October. He said, “As a result of intensive cleaning and repair work to the stone base walkway the previously damaged section has now been restored to near perfect condition largely due to the efforts of specialist cleaning contractors who worked to remove the molten plastic which had embedded into the stone base walkway. “In previous weeks I have received a number of calls from concerned constituents in Newcastle expressing their grave concern at the recent burning of plastic bins on the Promenade. “One resident who contacted me voiced annoyance and concern at actually coming across the smouldering molten plastic which appeared to be deliberately burned that had melted along metal railings. “Following my representations to Council, I was pleased to be advised that this stretch of Newcastle Promenade has now been restored for people to enjoy walking along. “I also hope that the remaining railings and lighting issues which I raised will be addressed in the coming weeks under the scheduled maintenance programme.”]]>


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