Alliance Calls for Anti-Skid Surface on Ballylough Road


Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has written to DRD Roads Service asking that a high friction anti-skid road surface be applied to a section of roadway on a bad sweeping bend along the main Ballylough Road outside Castlewellan. dn_screen

Councillor Clarke is concerned about some vehicles which have lost control when heavy braking at the bend just past the Clanvaraghan Road junction along the main Ballylough Road heading towards Drumaroad direction. He said: “Over recent years there have been a number of minor road traffic accidents where vehicles when driving towards the bend have lost control.

“The bend causes drivers to brake excessively, and subsequently skidding occurs. One of my constituents who lives along the Ballylough Road has had a residential wall damaged a number of times over a number of years due to vehicles losing control and causing risk to pedestrians or oncoming vehicles.

“I have therefore asked Roads Service to inspect the section of the roadway and to apply a high friction anti-skid roads surface.”