A24 Belfast Road Resurfacing Welcomed By Hazzard

Sinn Féin’s South Down MP Chris Hazzard has welcomed confirmation from DfI Roads that they will be resurfacing a stretch of the A24 Belfast Road just outside Ballynahinch.
The South Down MP had contacted local Roads officials in the new year following large parts of the busy A24 Belfast Road becoming dangerously defective.
Mr Hazzard said:  “We’ve had a very cold spell of weather in recent months which has left many local roads needing repair.
“Whilst some rural, less trafficked roads often are left for months with defective surfaces due to a lack of resources, I stressed to Roads officials that the A24 Belfast Road is an increasingly busy road and would require attention as soon as possible.
“In the light of this an engineer has now inspected the road and thankfully agreed that the surface is failing and in urgent need of remedial work. A resurfacing scheme will now be drawn up to remove and replace the defective surface at this location.”