O’Neill Welcomes EU support for local dairy industry


Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill has welcomed the EU announcement of support for a seven-member state dairy promotion to focus on the nutrient richness of milk.

The aim of the programme, ‘Milk, a Force of Nature’, is to highlight the many benefits of milk as part of a healthy diet and increase milk consumption. A major advertising initiative by the Dairy Council will launch next year.

The Minister said: “Our dairy industry makes a valuable contribution to the local economy and life in rural areas. This approved EU promotional campaign will bring home to local people, children and adults alike, the positive benefits of drinking milk as part of a healthy diet in every household.”

A multi-national promotion programme on the internal market on the theme of “Milk, a force of Nature” was approved by the Commission on 14 November 2012. This three-year programme will be implemented within seven member states (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Ireland and the UK (Northern Ireland) with the aim of increasing milk consumption in the respective markets.

The Dairy Council will receive 50% of advertising expenditure of €386,000 over a three year period.


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