New Empty Homes Website Goes Live


Do you have an empty home?

A new website has been launched to help tackle the problem of empty homes in Northern Ireland. dn_screen

The website gives homeowners information on the options available to help bring empty homes back into housing use. It is part of the Department for Social Development’s Empty Homes strategy which is being delivered in partnership with the Housing Executive.

Housing Minister Nelson McCausland welcomed this step saying: “People should use this website to tell us where these properties are so that we can tackle the blight they bring and help meet housing need”.

Siobhan McCauley, Housing Executive Director of Regional Services added: “It is estimated that there are in excess of 30,000 vacant residential properties throughout Northern Ireland.  Any property that is lying empty is a wasted resource, both for the person who owns it and those looking for somewhere to live. If left vacant for a long period of time its physical condition can deteriorate and the property can become a nuisance for those living in the neighbourhood, discourage investment and lead to economic decline.

“Bringing these properties back into use could benefit the owners, provide affordable housing for those looking for a home, while at the same time improve and regenerate neighbourhoods with a reduction in anti-social behaviour, property deterioration and associated crime.

“The Empty Homes website will allow the public to report an empty home. The website will also give homeowners advice on a range of options and useful contacts for renting, various ways of selling, or renovating. In addition staff in our Empty Homes Unit are available to provide further advice.”

You can contact a member of the Empty Homes Unit by telephoning 03448 920 900 or by emailing: