Inter-Agency Meeting Progress in Newcastle Welcomed


NEWSACTLE  area Sinn Féin Councillor Willie Clarke has welcomed the inter-agency meeting that was organized by County Down Rural Community Network to deal with issues in a number of areas of the Burrendale Estate, Newcastle.

Cllr Clarke explained: “Among the issues focused on, at the site meeting, included cleansing, lighting and security of alleyways. There was also a concentration on the recent fires at Bracken Avenue. At the meeting I outlined the need for a  review  in regards the security and safety of oil tanks and  the storage of recycling containers in the same communal area.

“NIE representatives confirmed they will be installing a metal gate to replace the wooden gate that had been vandalized recently, and had left the local electricity substation accessible to the public.

“I believe the Interagency meeting was very beneficial and will build upon the excellent work that the Housing Executive have carried out recently, this work included the  installation of a number of alley gates.

“During the walkabout of the estate a number of residents were in favour of erecting additional gates, this would have a very positive impact in terms of negating anti-social behavior and fly tipping; and will greatly help to reduce crime as well. I will be consulting the community on the outcomes of the meeting and will ensure there will be an action plan that is time framed to deal with these issues promptly,” added Councillor Clarke.