Burns Urges Caution Until Castlewellan Fence is Erected


NEWCASTLE area Councillor Stephen Burns (Sinn Féin) has warmly welcomed a decision to erect safety fencing in Castlewellan.

Councillor Burns said: Oaklee Housing have agreed to put fencing on the boundary of their site on the Newcastle Road, Castlewellan.dn_screen

“This is something both the residents of the Oaklee development, the their neighbours have been wanting for a long time. The new development sits higher than the neighbouring properties, and there has been fears that a child could fall whilst playing.”

Construction of the new fence is due to be completed within eight weeks, but until then Councillor Burns is urging caution.

“I ask the parents of the children in the area to keep the kids away from the property boundaries until the fence is completed. The last thing we want is a child getting injured before the contractor gets the fence completed,”  he added.